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Green businesses condemn David Cameron’s “boast” of slashing green regulations

Organisations and companies operating in the green business sector have reacted angrily to David Cameron’s pledge to small businesses to slash environmental and green building regulations.

Cameron tells small businesses he will rip up green regulations

David Cameron will on Monday boast of tearing up 80,000 pages of environmental protections and building guidelines as part of a new push to build more houses and cut costs for businesses.

Anthesis in acquisition mode to take sustainability “mainstream”

A new global sustainability consultancy founded in the UK is on the acquisition trail as it looks to become the world’s leading provider of specialist sustainability and environmental services.

Drivers to be forced to cut speed on M1 to meet air pollution regulations

Motorway drivers are set to be limited to a speed of just 60 mile per hour (mph) for a 34-mile stretch of the M1 in a bid to meet European standards on air pollution.

Fracking licences up for grabs across two-thirds of UK land

Two-thirds of the UK's land will be available for fracking companies to license, a Government map published on Tuesday shows, with new areas opened up in the Midlands, Cumbria and Wales.

Carbon price set to rise by 35 per cent on back of EU ETS vote, say analysts

The price of carbon is expected to get a shot in the arm following a vote today in the European Parliament, which will see crucial reform of Europe’s flagship scheme to cut carbon emissions come in next year.

Concern mounts in Wales over 'throwaway' usage of 'bags for life'

More than twice as many reusable "bags for life" have been purchased from supermarkets in Wales since the introduction of a five pence minimum charge for single-use plastic bags, prompting fears that the heavier duty bags are now being used as "throwaway" items.

Osborne paves way for Chinese firms to own UK nuclear power stations

China could play an instrumental role in Britain's future nuclear power generation after George Osborne said companies in the world's second largest economy would be allowed to buy into the sector.

Ofwat to block Thames Water price hike to pay for "super-sewer"

The water regulator Ofwat plans to block an "unjustified" eight per cent increase in customer bills proposed by Thames Water.

Shale gas waste site found to have high levels of radioactivity

Scientists have for the first time found dangerous levels of radioactivity and salinity at a shale gas waste disposal site that could contaminate drinking water. If the UK follows in the steps of the US "shale gas revolution", it should impose regulations to stop such radioactive buildup, they said.

Virgin planes produce more emissions per passenger than other US domestic carriers

The Virgin entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, has been a leader on the environment, putting up a $25 million (£16 billion) prize to encourage new technologies that scrub carbon dioxide from the air, and supporting sustainable safari resorts in Africa.

Biomass power plants to lose financial support if they don’t meet new sustainability criteria

UK biomass power stations will have to commit to strict new sustainability rules or risk losing financial support, the Government said today.

EU to introduce ‘phased’ tariffs on Chinese solar panels

The European Union is to introduce anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panels, but levies will initially be at much lower level than those threatened by the European Commission.

European Ministers agree on watered-down fish discards

Fisheries Ministers from across Europe came to an agreement on a sweeping reform of fisheries policies early on Wednesday morning, but fell short of the most ambitious changes that green campaigners had demanded.

Ed Davey: full scale rollout of smart meters to be pushed back

The Government this week announced changes to its £12 billion smart meter programme, including pushing back the full-scale roll-out by energy suppliers.This is Ed Davey's written Ministerial Statement.

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Green businesses condemn David Cameron’s “boast” of slashing green regulations
David Cameron said cutting red tape would save around £60 million per year for home builders
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