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The latest Environmental News affecting the Food and Drink Industry, from food miles and food security to sustainable food production, carbon footprints and biofuels to grants, technology and regulations

British smallholders join 'peasant' alliance to fight grip of corporate food giants

The English peasantry may have officially died out in the Middle Ages, but a new breed of small-scale farmers who live off a few acres and celebrate life on the land have been accepted to join the world's biggest peasant organisation.

Friends of Earth calls for action on pesticide as weed-killer shows up in human urine samples

The food and agriculture industries in the UK could be facing a potential blight in their short and long-term futures due to a new finding of weed-killer chemical, Glyphosate, in urine samples from consumers all over Europe, including Britain.

No time to waste: UK firms take action on the food we throw away

Food and how to save is the theme of today’s World Environmental Day, so what are UK companies doing to reduce the two billion tonnes of food wasted globally a year? Saran Mishra reports.

UK food security under threat from land grabbing by multinational firms, say MPs

For the sake of the UK consumers and food security, a group of MPs is asking UK-based corporations to be absolutely transparent about land deals abroad.

Unilever launches app to help chefs cut food waste

Consumer goods giant Unilever has launched an industry-first app that could help the fight against food waste.

Tesco launches major programme to fight global food waste

Tesco is joining the fight against global food waste, even if meeting this objective means selling less, the multinational supermarket chain said.

European Ministers agree on watered-down fish discards

Fisheries Ministers from across Europe came to an agreement on a sweeping reform of fisheries policies early on Wednesday morning, but fell short of the most ambitious changes that green campaigners had demanded.

Warning that climate change could leave "hundreds of millions" homeless as CO2 hits record levels

It is increasingly likely that hundreds of millions of people will be displaced from their homelands in the near future as a result of global warming.

Europe to ban pesticides linked to bee decline

A European vote has paved the way for a continent-wide ban on pesticides that have been linked to bee deaths.

Super water-absorbing grass could help stem UK flooding

A new grass that cuts the water running off from fields by half could help stem the rising floods that global warming is bringing to the UK.

Weetabix hit by disastrous UK wheat harvest

Last year's disastrous summer has forced Weetabix to halt production of some of its most popular lines, after the company exhausted its supply of high quality British wheat following what it described as the worst harvest in decades.

Food insecurity and climate change will cause devastation for millions, say experts

Millions of people could become destitute in Africa and Asia as staple foods more than double in price by 2050 as a result of extreme temperatures, floods and droughts that will transform the way the world farms.

Climate change will lead to "huge shakeup" in wine production, researchers say

Bid adieu to Bordeaux, but also, quite possibly, a hello to Chateau Yellowstone. Researchers predict a two-thirds fall in production in the world's premier wine regions because of climate change.

Sustainable food: will the horsemeat scandal reverse the slide in organic sales?

Supermarket organic sales hit a nine-month high in February, after the horsemeat scandal broke. So could the food scare be the catalyst for the revival of organic sales in the UK and will it be the supermarkets or the independents that drive the growth? Matthew Zola reports.

Virgin Atlantic in-flight meals to be rated on their sustainability

Virgin Atlantic Airways is to become the first airline in the world to have its in-flight meals assessed for sustainability.

British smallholders join 'peasant' alliance to fight grip of corporate food giants
British smallholders have formed the Land Workers' Alliance to represent people who produce for themselves and their communities
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